Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Frank Gaffney's hysteria reaches a new crescento

Frank Gaffney and Pam GellerApparently it's not just our president and the United States Department of Defense's Missile Defense Agency -- the seekrit Muslins are everywhere!!!1!

Frank Gaffney, shown at right with his mental health counselor, has discovered another conspiracy so immense, and who better to report on it than WingNutDaily?

Now look who else is infiltrating CPAC


... Frank Gaffney, a leader of the conservative movement for the last 30 years, charges that CPAC has come under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is working to bring America under Saudi-style Shariah law.

Gaffney, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Ronald Reagan, is founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and co-author of the new book "Shariah: The Threat to America." He told WND that Islamism has infiltrated the American Conservative Union, the host of CPAC, in the person of Washington attorney and political activist Suhail Khan and a group called Muslims for America.


Gaffney also accuses another ACU board member, leading conservative political organizer Grover Norquist, of helping the Muslim Brotherhood spread its influence in the nation's capital.

Gaffney told WND that Norquist got Khan into the Bush White House.

CPAC, you might recall, is the Conservative Political Action Conference. It is an annual gathering of loudmouths from the far right, sponsored by groups like Citizens United, the Heritage Foundation, and the John Birch Society. It gathers annually to provide lulz to Wonkette to crack the rightward whip on Republicans and to give the sufficiently pure among themselves awards named after Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston.

To illustrate, here's the top of the announcement for this year's gathering:


Dhimmis all, eh?

On the other hand, CPAC did give Coulter a timeout back in 2008, and this year, they have invited back Teh Ghey (and may even allow them to speak this time?). And it turns out Gaffney has been uninvited from CPAC for a few years now.

So, progress! At this rate, within another century or two, CPAC will be mere middle-of-the-road wingnuts.

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Tintin said...

What next? Will Shrieking Pam be identified as a secret agent for Al Qaeda by Gaffney? There seems little doubt left that he has completely lost his mind.

Brendan said...

Heh. A Crazy-Off between those two? Now that would be something to see.

Sadly for popcorn stocks, though, even given how paranoid ol' Frank is, I think they're allied for life. They will chase each other down any rabbit hole -- the only possibility for lulz is watching them get jammed together at the entrance.