Friday, January 21, 2011

Move over, "Applebee's Salad Bar!"

We know he was every Republican's favorite Democrat, but it's a little early to start on the revisionist history, don't you think, David Brooks?

... Lieberman played an important role in saving Bill Clinton from impeachment.

Sadly, as they say, no.

Not sure if DougJ DougJson was the first to catch this, but he was the first that I saw.

As of this posting, no correction appended. Let us hope this changes soon.

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[Update 2011-01-21 18:50] Still no correction. Much more importantly: Mr. Riley takes a longer, harder, better look.

[Update 2011-01-22 03:24] Still no correction. DougJ tried to get the NYT's Public Editor on it, with no success.

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