Monday, January 10, 2011

Now that's a plummeting stock chart we can believe in!

The Intrade price for Sarah Palin to be Republican nominee in 2012, over the last 14 days. Click to enjoy even more embiggen.

(What's Intrade?)

(h/t: Steve Kornacki | x-posted)


Jack said...

This might be my 2nd favorite post of yours of all time.

Brendan said...


I presume all the others are tied for first?


Jack said...


No really, I shouldn't get in the habit of identifying "best evah" posts, especially where you're concerned. But at the top of my list, good for a laugh-out-loud at least once a month, was this one.

Like this post, that one is quite simple, but they both just strike the perfect tone.

But hey, wait, now that I go back and look at it again, it looks like the 2nd screenshot got screwed up somehow. It wasn't that distorted/blurry before. Wha'happ'n?

Brendan said...

Dunno. Looks the same to me. Did you embiggen it? What you see at the post itself is shrunken to fit within the horizontal constraints of the blog post template.