Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Sarah Palin Battle Hymn"

No one listened to me when I warned about the menace of karaoke machines.

Behold our new national anthem.

(alt. video link)

Swiped from ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©.


Rufus said...

Thanks for posting. This is great. I'm confused by the allusion to the saying 'cold day in Hell' in this song. Kinda think the writer either doesn't understand that phrase or doesn't actually believe Palin will ever get elected. Hope & pray he's right about about the latter.

Brendan said...

Agreed. To be charitable, I tried to imagine he was just stuck on the image suggested in the opening lines: "cold blast from Alaska" and "cold blast from the north that freezes Congress in their tracks." That is, he's thinking of cold fresh air cleansing the fetid swamp of Washington, D.C., or something like that, which might be understandable if you're excessively proud of living in Alaska.

But, yes, whatever his intention, I've already seen a few "cold day in hell" jokes, so he's at least clueless. (OR A SEEKRIT FURRINER.)

I think your hopes and prayers are widely shared, and so I do not think she has … a snowball's chance in hell. To coin a phrase.