Saturday, January 01, 2011

Smell the panic

According to Blue Texan's tracking service, Charles Krauthammer is the latest prominent Republican hack to state that he simply does not care for images like this:

Conservatives4Palin blog header(Click for full-size horror)

(pic. source)


Substance McGravitas said...

Sure would be a good conspiracy story in Palin not running and then claiming she wasn't "allowed" to run.

Brendan said...

Yes it would. The opportunities for donning the victim cloak would be legion. And then she could make a bunch more money and start dropping hints about 2016.

I had the odd thought this morning that Palin has actually been studying her ass off (to the talking point level, at least) and that when she starts campaigning for real, she's going to sound smart (by comparison to the image she's formed, at least), and then the MSM is going to go wild with approval for her.