Saturday, January 01, 2011

Someone give Adam Liptak a dope slap

One of the political "analysts" for the NYT -- no, not Matt Bai, the other one, although you could be excused for confusing them -- has a fawning story up about Saint Chief Justice Roberts calling for swifter approval of judicial nominees.

You expect a lifelong Reagan acolyte like Roberts to blame both the Senate and Obama for the slots not filled, but it's really annoying that nowhere in the story does Liptak give any context for how ludicrous this perennial "both sides to blame!!!1!" nonsense is. Yes, there was a small flurry of approvals as the year wound down, but let's not forget, say, this CAP chart (via C&L), from late July of this year, a solid year and a half into Obama's first term:

Your Party of No, hard at work!

This retyping of Republican press releases by Liptak, filtered through his chronic fetish for Balance™, is worse in some ways than the out-and-out lying from Fox, because at least in the latter case, three-quarters of the country's news consumers know not to trust it.

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