Saturday, January 01, 2011

Something to look forward to

I credit Obamacare:

screen shot of an article blurb saying that Alzheimer's patients did better if given unlimited chocolate

And from a caption in the slide show accompanying the article:

As a drug, "it’s better than Xanax," said Tena Alonzo, director of research.

Also, at that age, you don't worry about zits as much.


Ocean said...

And if it was Dove dark chocolate it would be even better.

Interesting article and good approach to the care of these people. Antagonizing has never been a good strategy for anyone, and even less so for people with dementia since they can't reason their way out of the conflict.

Brendan said...

Did you see the shot in the slide show, with the black carpet near the elevators? (It's the one with the cat in it, but that's not the only reason to look at it.)

Ocean said...

Yes, I saw it. The cat reminds me of my youngest girl (cat) who is always lying on the floor like that. As to the rest of the picture, I wondered what the white stripe near the tip of the socks was about. A way to announce where the foot ends? ;)