Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This says something troubling about the state of our union

Spencer Ackerman explains why he's moving his non-day-job blog from Firedoglake to a new site:

… this is going to be my last post for FDL, a community I’ve been honored and fucking thrilled to join ever since Jane let me take Attackerman 2.0 here in June 2008. My departure is pretty mundane: the congressional press galleries are wary of giving me permanent credentials while I’m affiliated here …

Agree with his views or not, Spencer Ackerman is a respected reporter on national security issues. I wonder how many conservative news sites and bloggers have credentials for the congressional press galleries.

On the other hand, maybe this is all due to Jane Hamsher's alliance with that guy who wants to drown the government in the bathtub. I guess I could see that.

In any case: Attackerman now lives here.

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