Saturday, January 22, 2011

With Republicans in Charge, the Myth Becomes the Reality

Colored Waiting Room signNow that every branch of the state government in Wisconsin is controlled by the GOP, wouldn't it be an excellent time to pass a Voter ID bill, and come to that, amend the state constitution to really nail it home?

And what does this mean?

That Wisconsin will be able to reduce its number of documented cases of voter fraud to zero! Hurrah! Which is a HUGE reduction from the previous number!


And who will this new law hurt?

Eh, just people without a lot of money, a lot of English, or a lot of white skin.

Whites-Only Drinking FountainAbove: not a Wisconsin drinking fountain.
Not yet, anyway.

And the real beauty of this? Don't forget: no more ACORN!

This is America, Saved. For RealAmericans™. Just like the Republican Party promised you.


Hat tip to Kay at Balloon Juice, whose post is worth reading in full.


("Colored Waiting Room" sign pic source)


Bartender Cabbie said...

Jim Crow laws were the brainchild of the Southern Dems. The pics you have on this article are of a time gone by and this country will not return to anything like it. You might be a dolt.

Eponym said...

BC, those Southern Dems, almost to a man, tripped over themselves lining up to join the Party of Lincoln when the Democrats enacted civil rights legislation in the sixties. Remember Nixon's "Southern Strategy?"

Do you recognize an historical analogy when one is used? You might...

Brendan said...

I did not choose those pictures lightly, BC. When a law is proposed under the guise of dealing with a non-existent problem, whose only real effect will be a disenfranchisement of certain groups of people, I am unable to see it as anything other than government-sanctioned discrimination. That it is less blatant than those images of the Jim Crow era makes it no less insidious.

I suggest you follow the first and fourth links in my post and look at the data. You might also click the "myth" label below my post to if you'd like a start on seeing more evidence.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Ok Brendan I will take a look at at the links.

Brendan said...


Anonymous said...

Wasteful use of government over something that really isn't needed? Surely, Ann Althouse won't stand for this in her own backyard. --Uncle Eb

Brendan said...

Oooo, nice. Spun like that, I could almost see her lunging at it as a chance to prop up her IAMNOTACONSERVATIVE mantra.

Sadly for her, though, I suspect the voices in her head (Rush Limbaugh) will be telling her that Voter ID=GOOD because Rule Of Law or some shit like that.