Sunday, November 20, 2011

No "semi" about this one

David Miscavige, current head of ScientologyWould you take out a billion-year lease on a used car from this man?

Speaking of scams, the latest article in Joe Childs and Tom Tobin's new investigative series, "The Money Machine," is now available. This is, of course, another long hard look at the "Chu®ch of" Scientology.

In addition to reading the article, I urge you to watch some of the videos that you'll see at the top of that article and on the series index page. They're pretty compelling, in a weird sort of way. They are interviews of people who have left the cult after spending astounding lengths of time doing mind-boggling things.


Photo credit: Robin Donina Serne for the St. Petersburg Times and (1998)


Don McArthur said...

In the competition for most bat-shit crazy creation mythology, Scientology and Mormonism are tied neck and neck, and have left all others in the dust.

Brendan said...

Yes, but I think you gotta give it up to the Scientologists for bat-shit craziness on the cult maintenance/mind-control score.