Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's like Y2K all over again!

Or not. Maybe it's just another example of being trapped inside the bubble.

Anyway, congratulations to Mozilla for the release of Firefox 10.0, and no one tell Jean-Yves Perrier that I also have installed on my machine Opera 11.61. Not to mention Chrome 16.0.912.77. Because he is right: friends don't let friends sniff user-agent strings.


[Added] Actually, he does acknowledge Those Other Browsers. My bad for writing a blog post based only on the lede. I should have done the responsible thing and delivered my smart-assery via Twitter.

[Added2] Paul Ryan's Ars Technica post on the new release may be of interest to some of you, especially if you're a developer or someone responsible for enterprise installations.

[Added3] His name is actually Ryan Paul. My apologies, Ryan. I blame Eddie Munster.

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