Sunday, July 01, 2012

Euphemism of the Day

The NYT is calling the astroturf group formed by Big Soda "grassroots-style."

Pretty good shirt, though:


TC said...

Interesting thing about this picture that you might not have noticed is that half of her seems to be walking away and the other half approaching. To see this look at her right arm (on your left). Notice the shadow on her forearm. Just above that shadowed area there is an elbow (with a little imagination). Sort of a pointed area that is lighter in color. If you get your eyes right it's the point of the elbow and the forearm below recedes away from you.

bjkeefe said...

I can sorta see it.

Ocean said...

To TC: that's an optical illusion which is mostly created by the shadow in the lower two thirds of her forearm and her hand. It seems like the head (with uncombed hair) of the person taking her picture is casting that shadow. Because this section of her arm is darker it gives the impression of receding when in fact it's closer to the viewer than the rest of her arm.