Monday, May 06, 2013

I didn't know Rachel Maddow had a new book out

What's most amazing to me is that the wingnuts haven't swarmed the Amazon page to give it one star ratings. Particularly given the topic.

(At least as of this moment, it's at 4.5.)

Probably I won't read it. Sounds like something I already agree with on every point, and who needs reinforcement on such a discouraging matter?

Hat tip to Dok Zoom and his latest post in the series "Sundays With The Christianists." This one is on "A Biology Textbook With Dinosaurs On Noah’s Ark." The connection between these two items? A service advisory at the end of the post: next week's SWTC will be preempted by Dok hosting a discussion of Maddow's book.

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TC said...

So what are we to think that you only read books that you disagree with? You're late coming to the party btw. Rachael has been on Letterman, Leno, and Jimmy Fallon promoting her book and she did a nationwide tour back in March and April. 3/10 - Houston, 3/14 Los Angeles, 3/16 Stanford, 3/23- Atlanta, 3/24 -Coral Gables, 3/30 - Amherst, 4/13- Illinois, 4/14 Philadelphia, 4/21- American University and like that, and of course she's been on all the MSNBC shows with it. This is not exactly breaking news, but any promotion helps so thanks for mentioning it. Even conservative commentators seemed to think it was OK.

The hour special that she put on MSNBC dealt with a lot of the information although it wasn't specifically about Drift.