Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hey. Stop living my dream.

Bottom of the fifth, two out. You've been pitching your usual well, but you're down one. Tying run on third didn't get driven in when it was one out. Now you're up to bat. You're leading the division, but your magic number is irritatingly still in existence, and you're playing your contender.

Triple, all the way to the wall, right-center gap.


[Later] Also, that Yasiel Puig can muthafuckin' throw, can't he?


M. Bouffant said...

Oh, you mean this?

bjkeefe said...


A nice feeling of connection.

toma said...

Monday night, Brandon Belt runs on Puig. Nope. Wednesday night, Gregor Blanco runs on Puig. Fail. You fellas remember who he is, right? Not that I mind, of course.

bjkeefe said...

It always seems to take till next season before third base coaches really believe a new arm, doesn't it? And it also often seems that once a guy leads the league in outfield assists, he never does again. Puig and Billy Hamilton are 1, 2 in the NL now. We'll have to remember to take a look on 9/26/2015.