Sunday, March 19, 2006

Flyover peeps waking up?

Today's Boston Globe has a nice article by Charlie Savage, titled Change of Heartland.

The piece starts off with the numbers:

This month, the Indianapolis Star released poll findings that Bush's approval rating among Indiana voters stood at 37 percent -- a drop of 18 points over the past year. The numbers echoed national polls, but were particularly shocking in a state that has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964, and where Democratic presidential contenders often do not bother to campaign.

Most of the rest of Savage's article consists of snippets of conversations with people who live in Indiana. Ordinarily, I hate newspaper stories that use the vox populi approach, but this one is different. Savage is not really trying to prove the case with examples (the numbers, after all, speak for themselves), and the quotes are more thoughtful and complex than is usual in this kind of article.

You'll likely have to go through the usual nonsense of registering to read the whole thing, but it's worth it.

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