Saturday, March 18, 2006

Credit Card: Your New Statement

A while back, I posted some remarks about the (don't) tax (the rich) and spend (wildly) guy currently posing as POTUS.

It gets worse.

In an analysis piece in today's NY Times, we learn some details about the Senate's recent unsurprising supersizing of the legal cap on federal deficits.

The analysis piece indulges in the familiar MSM fetish of "balance," and takes pains to point out that some Republican-Lites Democrats are among those who deserve blame for fouling up your future, and your kids' future, and your grandkids' future, and . . .

But you have to read stories like this closely. Especially on Saturday. Sometimes some truth might sneak in:

Almost lost in all the budget and spending activity was that House and Senate negotiators continue to try to hammer out an agreement for new tax cuts that could cost an additional $70 billion over five years.

Anyone with half a brain knows that "House and Senate negotiators" has meant, for the past six years, "guys who talk in rooms to which the minority party is not privy."

Mid-term elections are less than half a year away. Please check your voter registration status.

Ah, crap. Maybe it's a little early for campaigning on this blog. Let's move on to fun stuff. Everybody loves surveys, right?

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