Monday, June 21, 2010

D2 Assertion 2

The closing disclaimer notwithstanding, this has the ring of truth:

[1] Fundamental cultural differences between the US and UK, probably reflecting priorities in childhood education: in the US, morons are usually able to speak in coherent sentences but don't read. In the UK, morons typically shut up or grunt in monosyllables, but they do read newspapers and magazines. With various, probably not very important consequences, that aren't true anyway.

Comments, from anyone who has spent time on both sides of the pond? (Might actually "help" if you've only spent a very small, but non-zero, amount of time on one side or the other. What would be the British equivalent of a week in Las Vegas, Orlando, Albany, Wasilla, [yourstereotypicallyboneheadedAmericancityhere]?)



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