Friday, June 04, 2010

Congratulations, Nate! (The Tentacles of JournoList Grow Ever More Powerful*)

Oh, look. Here I am, retyping copying and pasting press releases!

(Politico: call me!)

Press Release

The New York Times Will Incorporate the Blog FiveThirtyEight into the Politics Section of

NEW YORK, Jun 03, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --This summerThe New York Times will incorporate the political blog FiveThirtyEight into the political news section of Blogger, polling expert and founder of FiveThirtyEight Nate Silver will continue to oversee the blog and will also be a regular contributor to The New York Times and to The New York Times Sunday Magazine.

"Nate won considerable recognition during the 2008 presidential campaign for his timely and prescient reports on the electoral races and on public opinion," said Bill Keller, executive editor, The New York Times. "We look forward to his unique perspectives on statistics, covering a wide swath of issues relating to politics, culture and sports."

Mr. Silver will also work with many of the award-winning interactive journalists and software developers who present political data on and who innovate new and imaginative ways of communicating with The Times's audience.

FiveThirtyEight will continue to exist as a separate blog under Mr. Silver's direction, but under the banner and the auspices of Its contents will be featured daily on

Chris Bowers has a sad. Roger Ailes (the good one) does not.

And here is Nate's blog post making the announcement (late Thursday morning).


* So now we know that picture of "Ezra" in "China" is a fake. Good work, Intern Riley!



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