Monday, June 07, 2010

Facebook Users: Be Careful

I just got an email which looked like it was from Facebook, with the subject line "You have deactivated your Facebook account." Gmail was able to detect it as spam, and furthermore, as a likely phishing attack, but absent this help, I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't have fallen for it. It's a very good imitation of the email real Facebook sends.

Here's a screen shot of how it appeared. The red warning stripe was added by Gmail, so you're not going to see that using some other way to read your mail, although some of the other email programs may have similar ways to warn you. Click image to enlarge it. (Don't worry, it's just a screen shot. You're not going to be clicking any unsafe links.)

Fake Facebook phishing email

If you get one of these, and you somehow can't stand not to check that your Facebook account is still active, please go to a new browser window or a new browser tab and type, by hand, into your browser's location bar and press Enter. Don't click any links in this email.


And now, to help you be less bummed out, about the Internet, here is a picture via Thoreau of a snow leopard kitten (left). Click to maximize awww-factor. (Don't worry, she won't bite. Hard.)

snow leopard kitten

Many more where that came from.

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Anonymous said...

I got one of those, too. I just checked facebook and was still there.