Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Good Luck" to "Jim Newell"

I'm not taking anything away from D-squared, Doghouse, Roy, TBogg, or Teh Instaputzen or Teh Sadlys, or Bérubé or Wolcott, or anyone else on my blogroll by saying this, but the funniest man on the Internets has put up his farewell post.

Fortunately, it is only a "see ya elsewhere" post, not a "good-bye forever" type of thing.

Unfortunately, the deal is that he will be moving from Wonkette to Gawker, which, whatever else positive you might say about it, remains one of the most annoying sites on the planet due to its unbearably slow loading.

Ah, well. "Jim Newell" is "worth it," so I will say no more about this.

Except in angry emails to Nick Denton. And through continued refusal to blogroll his sites. (Which may be even more powerful!)

Or as an explanation for why I may suddenly start blogging about subtle aspects of wget.


P.S. The initial announcement from "Jim" is here. If you want to fill his slot, "see here."

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