Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leading Conservative Publication Adopts New Three-Word Slogan For Fixing Everything

Daniel Foster, NROOver at the National Review Online, "America's premier website for conservative news, analysis, and opinion," some wingnut welfare recipient has just typed:

Nuke, baby, nuke.

Also, to show how great an idea this is, said WWR took his "case" to:

... the east coast media elite — public radio.

Oh, okay. Case closed then. Because according to Science, nothing dumb ever gets said on public radio. Ask any conservative!

Context, you say? You want context? I will tell you this: it's not about alternative energy sources. So. Can you imagine anything else for which that Palin2.0ism could even semi-plausibly be a good idea?

Didn't think so, but if you're determined to be "well-informed," start here and then go here, and then if you're a crazy person (or enjoy pointing and laughing at them), you can click the links above the bumper sticker first blockquote.

(pic. source: the twit's homepage, believe it or not.)


[Added] More Dan Foster wisdom, you should pardon the term, relayed by Roy Edroso.

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