Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Minor Irritations

I would now say that I have a better than even money chance on any given web page of seeing a Stop Teh Brown Bailout!!!1! ad. Just got one across the bottom of a YouTube video, fercrissake.

Consequently, I am now at the point I get to whenever I get saturation-bombed by any commercial: be against what's being pitched without knowing anything about it.

I wonder if this was their intent? Who is "their," come to that?

*sigh* <clickety clickety> … ding … <click> … <scroll, scroll, scroll> …

Imagine my surprise.

The fine print: FedEx is behind it all

And to think I used to have mild positive feelings about that company.

Could be worse, I suppose. They could change their ads to feature what lately appears to be the only model allowed on the Internet ever.

In conclusion, this only strengthens my suspicion.

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