Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Non-Angry Black Man

Jonathan Capeheart, and earlier, Betty Cracker, make good points about President Obama being his usual calm, cool, and collected self during this whole BP leak mess. (You may have heard some grousing about this.)

There are some things in both of those posts to think about and keep in mind, even if you don't -- as I don't, and as the authors don't -- want to try to make this the complete explanation for a complex human being.

Reminder to MoDo, Carville, and the rest of the usual suspects:

Obama: everybody chill, I got this

P.S. Here's what I said over at Rumproast, where I came across the above links:

Capeheart’s correspondent, Doug Graham, makes a good point about the sports angle. I have of course been glued to the NBA playoffs, and it frequently occurs to me to marvel that with all the banging under the boards—cf. Rule 1: “No layups in the playoffs”—not to mention the pressure and the stakes, how rarely one sees a fight.

And then I think about hockey.

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