Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Republican Criminals in the News. (And Sorry for the Redundancy.)

Jim Greer, Republican (=criminal)Well, looka here. Erstwhile Florida GOP Chair Jim Greer, about whom we last heard when he got his David Vitter model diapers in a twist because our Head Negro-In-Charge dared (was uppity enough to) give a speech to school children about how they should work hard, in school, as President, which is socialist, got busted again.


It is not for anything involving small children (this time) (we think -- "charges against the disgraced chairman were not immediately available"). Just probably something about feathering his nest with your (Teh Taxpayers™) munnies. Again.


He was once a "prominent backer of FL Gov. Charlie Crist," so, you know: NotARealConservative™, The End.

Anyway, click the mugshot above (or here, if for some reason you can't see it) to read all about yet another senior member of "the party of law and order, and financial responsibility, and personal responsibility, and family values, and grown-ups in charge," &c.


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