Friday, June 25, 2010

Simon Singh Wins! (News To Me, Anyway)

A little more than a year ago, we noted the case of Simon Singh, a British journalist who had some unflattering things to say about the crackpottery being espoused by certain chiropractors. The British Chiropractic Association sued him for libel. Loosely speaking: UK law being what it is, Singh was forced to prove himself innocent of the charge (where in the US, the plaintiff has to prove guilt).

Turns out he finally won, on appeal, although it cost him £200,000 to do so.

Here's a 1 April 2010 BBC article on this happy result. Here's another from the BBC, datelined two weeks later, about the BCA dropping their suit. At that bottom of this page, there are links to a bunch more articles. The first of that list points to this blog post by Simon Singh himself, reflecting on his victory.

Finally, here's the Wikipedia entry, if you want a quick sketch of the whole mess.

Sorry for the tardiness, but I thought it was worth noting, late as it is.

(h/t: Don McArthur, originally here, now a broken page(?))

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