Monday, June 07, 2010

Turns Out That Guy Was Off By a Factor of Three

Former vice-president of North Carolina, John Hunter (?) -- who can remember these things -- should have a look at this new report from the Center for American Progress: Six Americas.

Actually, jokes I make up to amuse myself aside, this report has nothing to do with income disparity. It has to do with secession!!!1! Okay, not really that, either.

What it's really about is a detailed look at Americans' attitudes about global warming -- degrees of belief and concern, what we think should be done, etc. It's mildly encouraging, I'd say, in light of some other news that the denialist crowd has been plumping lately, about supposed declining rates of belief and/or concern. In any case, it's pretty interesting stuff.

The link takes you to a blog post, and if you're interested in really getting into some demographic weeds, you'll find a link there to a PDF of the whole report, as well.

Here is their opening chart. Click it to big it.

Chart showing population breakdown concerning attitudes about global warming

Therefore, the strong denialists = Pluto. And that's not even a real planet! (You can't argue with Science.)

(h/t: Andrew Revkin and David Roberts: diavlog)

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