Thursday, June 03, 2010

Your Moment of Cukeness

So, speaking of the movie that I was before, albeit obliquely [added: no wait, that was that other movie, which I am always confusing with this one], I had occasion a couple of days ago to go to the grocery store, which meant parking my car in the lot, which led to my noticing one of those giant long English cucumbers, that always come wrapped in plastic (at least in America), lying on the ground.

Thinking of the poor starving children in Biafra Wasilla, I picked it up.

The SUV in the space next to mine looked as though it had just been loaded, so I walked over to the driver's window, tapped gently, and said, "This is going to seem kind of weird, but is this yours?"

The driver laughed, and said, "No. I saw that, too! And I was wondering … But no."

I went back to the cart I had collected to push into the store, had what I believe was the seven millionth bit of l'esprit de l'escalier in my life, and decided, what the hell.

This time, due to the natural flow of traffic, I went up to the passenger side window. There, sadly, sat a rather muscle-bound man. But nonetheless, I waited until he rolled down the window. "Did you ever see the movie Animal House?" I asked.

He frowned and shook his head. She (the driver) laughed. I added, for clarity, "You know, the scene in the grocery store, where Otter meets the Dean's wife?" I dangled my English cucumber suggestively.

He frowned harder. "NO."

And then she really started laughing.

Small victories.