Sunday, October 03, 2010

Have a look at "thump and whip"

I happened across thump and whip last week when Googling for the original version of some heinous document that some heinous Republican had once written. Of course Jim Russell, like so many Republicans these days, thought that once he came to the attention of people beyond the echo chamber, he could direct with a snap of his talons fingers that his earlier efforts at building cred with the wingnut base could be shoved down the memory hole.

Not so.

And I was especially pleased when I went looking that a top hit pointed to a blog I had never heard of prior to that moment. Evidently, another no-initiative lazy-waiting-at-home-for-his-Stalinist-welfare-handout lib-blogger had been working this case from the get-go, and had grabbed a copy, and had put it out there, on the Internet, for people just like me. Just in case. Just because. Just because it is important to document the atrocities. Because your Villagers sure t'fuck aren't going to do it.

So, a shoutout for that, all by itself.

As I have said before (partly as a reminder-to-self), most recently when I urged you to take a look at JABbering Stooge, there are a lot of good people out there about whom you have never heard, who are putting in a lot of effort every day to get the word out about the wingnuts who want to Take Their Country Back™.

(Back to the Dark Ages, that is.)

These people deserve your attention. You should try to spend a little time, every now and again, breaking out of your usual ten or twenty regular reads on the Internet, and see what some of the not-yet-A-listers have to say.

Okay, sermon off. But Toma is pretty good with a keyboard, so I would be remiss if I did not share what I serendipitously came across.

And please feel welcome to recommend other people who I have not heard about, but should, in the Comments.


toma said...

Now you've done it. You've ruined a perfectly lovely blog by linking to mine. It's but a hideous stew of wingnut teabaggers, rapists, and racists -- hardly the worthy company of bjkeefe or his urbane, sophisticated friends. Take my advice: stay away from this intertron sewer. The only reason it even exists is become you-know-who simply forgot how to fall asleep. Cheers.

Twin said...

Thanks for the tip. This was hilarious:

"At some point, someone will try to refer to Earth as a ‘Rugged Real Time Environment,’ or life as a ‘Primary Virtual Reality Source.’"


Going to read that Paladino post now. :-)

Brendan said...

@ "toma:" My deepest apologies to you and your cockatoo, Mr. Blake.

Bartender Cabbie said...

So sayeth the dipshit.

Brendan said...

@ Twin:


Also, I hope you also right-clicked and saved your own copy of this (last image here).

Brendan said...

@ BC:

Thanks for checking in. Your initial incomprehensible comment notwithstanding, "Notes from the Cab" looks somewhat interesting, if somewhat lacking in <p></p> demarcations, and in any case, I am always delighted to see a new face and hear a new voice.

I think I speak for all dipshits on this.

toma said...

Oh. Right, Brendan -- 'Mr. Blake.' *sigh*

Dirty, filthy little bird. Sits on his perch, singing this all day.

Trust me, he doesn't mean a word of it.

Bartender Cabbie said...