Sunday, October 31, 2010

Disambiguation Notice

Not me.

(Not that, on a day like today, I wouldn't like it to be.)

Now there are three. (No. Sadly, I myself have yet to win an Emmy.) [Added: Or a Peabody.]

[Update 2011-03-03 16:14] Make that four.

[Update 2011-06-30 07:30] Five.

[Update 2011-11-17 13:30] Six. And dammit, if someone mails him a surprise book when they meant to send it to me … ;)

[Update 2011-06-17 16:48] Seven.

[Update 2012-07-26 18:26] Eight. (See photo credit.)

[Update 2017-02-19 13:58] It's becoming uncountable.

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Unknown said...

Some days, I don't want to be me either!

- Brendan Keefe (the other one)

P.S. I love your blog

bjkeefe said...