Monday, October 04, 2010

Hey, Catholics: Time To Denouce Bill Donohue Once And For All

Bill Donohue, apologist for child molestorsSeriously, current adherents of my former faith and upbringing: is this who you want speaking for you?

“Not All Sexual Abuse Is Equal,” headlines this appalling apologist.

"Here's what we know. We know that this case, like most of them, was the work of a homosexual, not a pedophile," he burbles a few paragraphs down.


"The work of a homosexual."   "Like most of them."

Contemplate those smears for a few minutes, if you will.


And if you can't see how wrong those are, then at least pray on this: Donohue says this shit when speaking of an adult abusing a child. Forget the genders involved. We are talking about someone whose description as "convicted sex offender" even Himself does not dispute.

Do you, good Catholic that you are, want to stand by that evil spin-doctoring from Bill Donohue? Do you want to be identified with it? And if not, ask yourself this: have you ever made a statement beginning like this: "If only those {Muslims | Jews | Protestants | atheists | etc.} would reign in their extremists …?"

Averting your eyes and murmuring incoherently is no longer an option when scum like this says he speaks for you. So do something about it. For the love of God. Please.


P.S. By the way, the child-abuser's name is McCormack, not "McCormick," as Bill Donohue would have it. According to his own source, the Chicago Tribune. And confirmation here, no pun intended.

Evidently, you cannot trust this low-life Bill Donohue even to cut and paste.

(pic source: Joe. My. God.)

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