Thursday, October 21, 2010

Line of the Day: 2010-10-21

You know, if you know so little about evolution that you think the fact that monkeys aren't turning into humans is a credible argument, maybe you should have "MORON" tattooed across your forehead.

Evolution is an engine of diversity. It produces "endless forms most beautiful", to quote the guy who thought it up. Asking why different species don't all evolve into us is about as dumb as asking why every kaleidoscope doesn't produce the same image every time you turn it.

From "It must be Obvious Day!," in which PZ Myers notes the nonstartling revelation that Glenn Beck is, also, a creationist.

(h/t: uncle eb)


[Added] It occurs to me to wonder whether Goldline will care about this news that Glenn Beck holds yet another proudly ignorant view: will they be perturbed that their most prominent shill holds a view that is so uninformed, or are they cynical enough to think that their customer base is overwhelming likely to agree with Beck on this as they are on other of his derangements?

In either case, thinking about gold and the sad tendency of the gullible to think it has some intrinsic value not subject to popular whims got me to thinking about that delightful scene in one of the Harry Bosch books where Jed is telling Harry the story of a crook who was killed while trying to steal the airbag from a car. The contacts in airbags are gold (superior electrical conductivity is, admittedly, a real intrinsic value of this metal) and the would-be thief had been trying to pry the cover off of the steering wheel with a screwdriver to get at them. Whereupon the airbag fired and drove the screwdriver into the heart of the thief, killing him instantly. Which could be called winning a Darwin Award. So, you see, it really is all connected sometimes.

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