Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Richard Cohen Random Thought

Every time I read about his latest dumbassery, it still never fails to amaze me that this guy …

 … has ever had sex with a consenting woman. Even for money.

And remember: that is the picture he chose to grace his columns.

[Added] Random Thought 2: So glad TB lets me know that I'm not the last remaining VP fan on this planet.


juandos said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Cohen would be amused or insulted by this poster?

hand1e said...

What he turn you down as a consenting male? ;o)

In case you missed the post as the bannage of hand1e was amazingly quick and didn't want you to miss out.

[QUOTE=handle;184801] Cause we got [I]skillz[/I], baby!

Yes "we" do. Actually, I have it on good authority that fur's impression from yesterday was that the brainiacs (<-- satire) at BHtv were attempting to install some new fangled IP strainer to better deal with proxy's and the like soas to better keep the furry rascal knawing metal in their little Hav-a-hart. Didn't the hacker attack start out as some sort of update and test? Doh! Much easier to blame a failed installation on some mysterious cyber attack than admit to their own ineptitude much less admit that someone may have gotten under their skin so much that they feel the need to batten the hatches.

Nice to see Brendan back...winning friends and influencing people. Fur also has it on good authority that the "old man" thingy is also a bit of projection and that all the people who suggested someone was living it his parent's basement was not all that far off either. Tsk. Tsk.

In any case, for those people who have a hard time telling the difference betwee handle and myself. He is the middle of the roader (riiighhtt) and the one whose metal skull plate has him getting hand wanded at the airport.

Brendan said...

Noted for the record, Dave.