Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Strange New Respect"

Did you know that was a Phrase? I did not know that was a Phrase.

As in, wingnuts have a Strange New Respect for Wan Williams.

Roy Edroso rounds up their furiously pounded tribalistic keyboard hysteria reactions. Intro here, full column here.

Basically, it's LIBRULS ARE TEH REEL RASISTS times LIBRULS ARE INTOLARENT to the power of CENSORSHIP!!!1!, with no hesitation at seasoning with fat fist using ALL REALAMERICANS™ KNOW ITS ONLY COMMON SENSE TO BE AFRAID OF MUSLIN'S, but, hey, click those clickies if you want to give them a chance at nuance. (Or yourself a chance to laugh at the stuff where it hurts too much to cry.)


[Added] This bit at the end, from the important CNN employee and GHEMRotRSTF, deserves requoting. In the sense of Documenting The Atrocities, I mean.

It is how the left can embrace tolerance for both gays and muslims though many of the latter would gladly see all of the former put the death.

(orig. source, and yeah, it gets worse)

Nope. Not at all bigoted, or inclined to violence, against anyone who is not straight, white, Christian, and stupid, is our son of Erick, or any other of these teabagging Republicans.

That hope to be your new rulers. To save your America from people just like you. Is what I mean to say.

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