Sunday, October 03, 2010

"When the moon hits your eye, like a big ..."

Don McArthur has a picture of Io posted. This, apparently, is what it would look like if you were, I dunno, looking at it from the surface of Europa or something. With binoculars or something. (In the right conjunctions, phases, etc., etc. People, please. No need to nerdgas.)

I can't, in all honesty, say it's eye candy. Because that would be the wrong food group. And you know how I get about taxonomy.

Anyway, it's cool. Go see.


Ocean said...

It looks like a rotten piece of cheese to me. No, not Roquefort or blue cheese. Just plain old rotten cheese.

There's plenty of more beautiful stuff out there in space, I'm sure. I've seen it. ;)

Brendan said...

Oh, where is the poetry that is supposed to be in your soul? That is one gorgeous picture.

Okay, I grant that you, Ocean, would be prejudicially disposed to cool blues and foam greens. But still. Though you are master of 3/4 of this planet, please try to embrace other design schemes.

There's plenty of more beautiful stuff out there in space, I'm sure. I've seen it.

... ? ... !! ... ?!?!!?

Someday, I must hear about this.

Ocean said...

I admit that I wasn't poetically inspired by the image. I'm very open to other design schemes, well beyond the beautiful blues and greens of our mother planet.

Someday you'll hear about the rest. ;)

Brendan said...

Yeah, that slice of heartburn-inducing pepperoni ;) is pretty good, too. Thanks for the link.

As to the Io pic, okay. If it didn't do it for you, it didn't do it for you. No reason at all why you should share my tastes in all things.

Brendan said...

(It probably goes without saying, but I do so look forward.)