Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drop back ten and pun

Stop winning the Internet, Randall Munroe.

(Click the pic to visit the source and see the hover text for another hint.)

(A short math refresher in the Comments.) ←a link I do not actually expect anyone to click.

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Brendan said...

A complex number is a number made up of a real number and an imaginary number. The real part you know about -- it's just a regular old number number, like 6 or 7.2 or -49.3 or whatever. The imaginary part is a number like that, multiplied by the square root of -1.

The complex conjugate (call it A') of a complex number A is a number that has the property such that when you multiply A times A', the imaginary part goes to 0. Since there is no imaginary part, the result of the multiplication is a real number.

More here.