Monday, January 31, 2011

How idiotic is Politico?

One measure is this headline:

Barack Obama braces for Jon Huntsman 2012 bid

Link available here.


Substance McGravitas said...

Link to a search for the headline, which has now vanished.

Brendan said...

Huh. Who would have thought I'd need to take a screen shot of that?

Glad I embarrassed them out of it, though.


Emphyrio said...

Huntsman is moving up the line, aiming to up up his recognition for 2016. Smart move, really.

Of course the headline is ridiculous.

Poor Mitt probably hates running in this Tea Party fever-dream period, but realizes his sell-by date is approaching.

There are spiders in Australia 3/4 the size of tarantulas called Huntsmen. I always think of them when I read his name. He should have a spider for a campaign mascot.

They're nonpoisonous but fond of auto windhield visors as a hiding place. People lower the visors and they drop onto arms and laps, causing accidents, sometimes fatal.

Not sure how that metaphor translates...

Brendan said...

Great comment.

I think you might be right that Huntman's moves now have a lot to do with 2016. Not only does he get himself a lot of ink, he also distances himself from the Obama Administration earlier, now that it's become clear that it's not going to be raining ponies any time soon.

Could have been he was calculating all along, and figured a two-year stint as Ambassador would allow his fanboys to claim he has "foreign policy experience," always a target when governors run.

I have to say that I am unable to feel even the slightest twinge of sympathy for Willard. His flip-floppery during 2008 was appalling. There are some things a candidate has to do to get elected, and some of those involve playing to the base (who are the only ones who votes in primaries), but he went way too far. And then he really sealed it with his withdrawal speech, and has continued to double down with his idiotic op-eds and other public statements since (e.g.).

He could and should have read the writing on the wall in 2008, accepted both he couldn't win the nomination and that no Republican was going to beat Obama, and started building his cred as the non-insane Republican then. Since he didn't, I have concluded that he is no more moderate in any real sense than the rest of the wingnuts looking for the GOP nomination. He may be a little less of a True Believer in the idea that Ignorance is Something to be Proud Of, but that's as far as I'd go. I think he's mostly an empty suit without principles, and to the extent that he does have things he believes in deep down, I want nothing to do with someone who wants political power who (a) identifies so strongly with a religious cult, and (b) has a history of screwing over powerless people for his own financial gain.