Thursday, July 08, 2010

Line of the Day: 2010-07-08

I have nothing against Massachusetts politicians running for president. But the world's most important elected office carries responsibilities, including the duty to check your facts even if you're in a footrace to the right against Sarah Palin.
    -- John Kerry

(h/t: Michael Crowley, via Ken Layne | earlier reaction to Willard, from me, here)


Heir to the Throne said...

John Kerry has never corrected his Thomas Jefferson quote of 'Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.' "

. "This is not the first time in American history when patriotism has been distorted to deflect criticism and mislead the nation," warned Sen. Kerry, placing his courage in the broader historical context. "No wonder Thomas Jefferson himself said: 'Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.' "

Close enough. According to the Jefferson Library:

"There are a number of quotes that we do not find in Thomas Jefferson's correspondence or other writings; in such cases, Jefferson should not be cited as the source. Among the most common of these spurious Jefferson quotes are: 'Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.' " .

I expect you will invoke the Old News defense.

Brendan said...

The "Old News defense?"

No, since I don't know what that is.

I'll tell you what I will do, though: I will give you an award for finding the most trivial thing to obsess over that I have ever heard. And given my fondness for straining at gnats, brother, that is saying a mouthful.

I advise you to go outside and play for a while. Up to you whether you want to do that in traffic.