Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Plagiarism Accusations for Mr. Stealy

No, not Mr. Steele. Mr. Stealy!

That Republican ex-Congressman and current gubernatorial hopeful who was busted last week for taking big money for a report he pretty much Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v'ed? Scott McInnis? Yeah.

Turns out the Denver Post has found more:

Storm over possible plagiarism in McInnis writings escalates

A new example of possible plagiarism by Scott McInnis surfaced Tuesday as the Republican gubernatorial candidate faced calls to repay $300,000 he received for plagiarized essays on water that he submitted as "original works."

A Denver Post review of McInnis' floor speeches and columns published during his congressional career found striking similarities between a 1995 speech and 1994 column by McInnis and a previously published Op-Ed in The Washington Post.


McInnis has declined interview requests from The Denver Post since the paper first reported that the "Musings on Water" articles he submitted to the Hasan Family Foundation as "original works" included passages that were similar to or copied directly from a 1984 essay by now-Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs.


McInnis on Tuesday declared the plagiarism of the water essays a "non-issue" that Colorado voters don't care about.

We interrupt here to point out that if you click that link up there, you get to vote in a non-scientific poll about how much of a non-issue this is!

No point in quoting much more, since of course you are going to do that fun poll. But let me just note one more hilarious bit that shows how little words mean to people like Scott McInnis:

Although his campaign manager put out a statement late Monday saying McInnis believes the "buck stops" with him, McInnis spent Tuesday asserting that he failed only in that he did not monitor his research assistant closely enough.

Now that's responsibamility!

This is having some effect on voters' views of him, as you might expect. However, there is one thing that will sour your enjoyment of delicious schadenfreude.

… when given a list of other Republicans who could be the party's nominee, 64 percent of GOP voters picked another candidate over McInnis.

When asked who would be the "strongest Republican gubernatorial candidate," former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo easily led the pack …

Ugh. That guy?

Eh, who knows. Could be for the best -- an extremist xenophobic loon like Tom Tancredo ought to be easier to beat in the general. Good thing the Democrats have stopped their infighting, so we can be confident about this!

(h/t: Jack Stuef)

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