Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If He Gets Elected, Maybe Ben Domenech Can Finally Get a Job. As His Speechwriter.

Scott McInnis, plagiaristScott McInnis, the front runner for the Republican nomination for governor of Colorado, apparently thinks slurping up $300,000 worth of wingnut welfare by doing original work is for deadbeats. Copying and pasting, and skipping all that liberal attribution stuff, is how Real Entrepreneurs do it! GALT! GAAAAAAAALT!

Steve Benen reported yesterday:

As of this afternoon, McInnis offered a private apology to the writer whose work was lifted, but not to the foundation which paid him all of that money. The AP reported that McInnis does not plan to apologize to anyone publicly.

When you've got no sense of ethics, I guess balls will have to do.

It is unknown at the time of this posting whether he also plagiarized his "official portrait," from Keith Olbermann.

(Ben Domenech? Ben Domenech.)

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