Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ya Think?

Dionne: "Traditional media are so afraid of being called liberal" they'll run with "any kind of right-wing propaganda ... as news"

However, some props to EJ, I guess, for finally working up the nerve to say on teevee what we DFHs have been saying for decades.

Up next? "Major network concedes the possibility that the evidence may be in favor of the view that the Earth is round." Know hope!

[Added] Follow-up.


Twin said...

Why such disdain for ol' EJ? He's long impressed me as one of our most dependable allies -- one of the very few in the MSM who regularly gets it right. Maybe you're exposed to his print side while I'm exposed to his broadcast side (I don't read his column very often), but judging from his many television appearances over the years, he has consistently been a vocal advocate for the things we care about.

bjkeefe said...

Yes, I am judging EJ mostly from his writing, though I used to hear him on NPR (paired with David Brooks, for example). I was probably a little harsh, and more so than I really think about him, overall. Yes, I agree that he is often good as an advocate on our policy concerns.

I guess it is the case that I've heard/read him, on occasion, be one of those "you may have a point there" polite murmurers who drive me so crazy, and those instances have stuck in the front of my mind. I agree he's not as bad as many other liberals and so-called liberals at his level. Then again, that's not saying so much.

But, in the end, a fair bust.