Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If You Laugh At This Picture, YOU'RE The Real Racist

Palin/Beck/NRA flyer for Apocalypse 8/28

In case it's not obvious what's going on above, you are being invited by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the National Rifle Association to come to a party!

You will get to hear Texas Governor Rick Perry's favorite guitar-warrior-hero, Ted Nugent!

Ted Nugent, Confederate gunman, at Texas Governor Rick Perry's inauguration

(Perhaps he will play some cuts from his new album, Nuge Will Show Ya How To Treat The Ladies? We can hope!)

Nugent's exquisitely tasteful album cover 'Love Grenade'  Be glad you can't see the image.

Plus this escapee from the People's Socialist Dystopia of Taxachusetts, Mitt Romney Jo Dee Messina!

Jo Dee Messina

Where: that place where the "I Have A Dream" speech was delivered

When: the anniversary of the day the "I Have A Dream" speech was delivered

Why: to celebrate the killing, with guns, of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King! And to Restore the supremacy of white reactionaries Honor™ to RealAmericans™, also, too!

Get a larger version of the flyer on the Brady Campaign's site (PDF). Read reports from Will Bunch at Media Matters and Lauri Apple at Wonkette.

And don't forget to bring plenty of Bud Light Lime ammunition, for freedom!

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