Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reading Past The Headlines

The big words at the top of the page -- and the teaser in the sidebar elsewhere on the site -- read …

Bill O'Reilly apologizes to Shirley Sherrod for 'not doing my homework'

… and probably, that's all 98% of people who see these words will remember. However, at the bottom of the post is this:

On Wednesday, the host said that he “did not analyze the entire transcript, and that was not fair.” Still, O’Reilly called her a "longtime liberal activist" and said the language Sherrod used suggested that she “very well may see things through a racial prism." He said she belonged in the private sector, not working for the government.

In light of this, his apology now seems little more than mere ass-covering out of fear that people will start asking, "What's the difference between Rathergate and this?"


(h/t: graz)

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