Thursday, July 22, 2010

Possibly the last thing to pass along on the matter of Shirley Sherrod

Just in case any of you don't eagerly follow me on the Twitter and so didn't see this, I want to repeat the recommendation.

This is a bit old, in news-cycle terms, but this piece, written around midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday by new Wonkette Jack Stuef, is a brilliant rant.



Anonymous said...

Alas, the debased nature of political discourse in America has left us with a populace hungry for stimulation that supports what they already believe, and incapable of perceiving evidence that their beliefs may be wrong.

I blame this on cable television. Those pundits train a dedicated cult of followers that allows them to keep their numbers up, sell books, give paid speechs, etc. No one has a vested interest in an informed citizenry.

I comfort myself with the knowledge that everyone gets exactly what they deserve. Why shouldn't the United States?

bjkeefe said...

The only thing I really disagree with here is your closing paragraph. I do not think I deserve what other people ask for. I don't think you do, either.