Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh, Sylvester and Tweety, What Have Ye Wrought?

Barliman calls this "An embarrassment to cats, everywhere."

(alt. video link)

One of Barliman's commenters, John H., saves feline dignity: "I imagine the cat telling the gull, 'If you want it, it’s yours. This new food tastes horrible!'"

Another explanation: the master species is allowing the bird-brained one to fatten itself, in order to serve as a more bountiful feast tomorrow.

(h/t: @SissyWillis, via Roy Edroso)

[Added] Belinda, via email:

Everyone knows cats can't be bothered unless the result outweighs the comfort of the current napping position. And we humans will refill that bowl tomorrow. Smart cat.

[Added2] MK reminds us this isn't the first time the terrorists have been caught on camera. Remember this al Qaedagull?

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