Sunday, July 25, 2010

Senator Franken Rocks The House

Al FrankenAt Netroots Nation 2010 (#nn10), at least as far as Twitter tells me.

Examples from some of the people I follow, seen before I thought to do the above search (some are retweets, via the very helpful @sonjablair).


Thanks to @AlFranken for a wonderful closing speech to #NN10 and for being a champion for Net Neutrality! #P2 #Tech


who would have thought that sen. @alfranken would have become one of the biggest champions of progressive legal philosophy?


RT @ddayen: Franken: Your rights are disappearing one 5-4 Supreme Court decision at a time #nn10


RT @newleftmedia: Al Franken: Republicans talk about deficits as if deficits appeared, all-the-sudden, at noon January 20, 2009.


“@brownboyrocks: 'No matter how frustrated you are don't stop now.' - @AlFranken #nn10”

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And meanwhile, what do you suppose Al Franken's erstwhile opponent was up to?)

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