Saturday, July 17, 2010

He's makin' a list, he's checkin' it twice ...

Warner Todd Huston can haz bukit!… He's gonna tell you who's naughty and who's …


Readers of Sadly, No! will already be familiar with this guy, Warner Todd Huston, better known as The Walrus. He was for about four years one of the those constantly tumbling out of Bozo's clown car; evidently he iz naow impordant freelance writer guy!

Anyway, he is currently hard at work on a very serious, thoughtful piece of journalism that has never been made in such detail or with such care. And it is gonna blow the roof right off'n this hot dog stand!

Behold (and no longer a beard!):

Screen grab from BigHo or BigJo or one of those sites

You can see #6 being teased. Here's The List ... so far:

#10: Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times
#9: Liz Sidoti, Associated Press
#8: Christiane Amanpour, CNN
#7: Howard Fineman, Newsweek
#6: Rick Sanchez, CNN

Ladies and gentlemen, place. your. bets!

I for one am astounded that no one from MSNBC or the NYT has shown up yet, so that is going to narrow my guesses. Certainly Maddow and Olbermann are going to be #1 and #2, unless The Walrus has decided they aren't even journalists and he has banished them from consideration, because, come on, no RealAmerican thinks they are, amirite?



Oh, wait. I just started reading post #10, which gives us a little introduction, and ... well, do I know my wingnuts or what?

\[sic]This list will be restricted to working journalists (or one who just retired in one case), so biased old hacks like Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, or Walter Duranty will be excluded even as we take their leftism for granted. Also you will not find those whose career is but a cartoon of journalism. People such as Keith Olbermann, John [sic] Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Maureen Dowd, or Chris Matthews do not belong on a journalist list, even one highlighting left-wing bias.

Seriously, how can a Very Serious Watchdog of Liberal Media Bias NOT know how to spell Jon Stewart by this point?


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