Friday, July 16, 2010

Ah, man. Maybe someday I'll make it.

Ann Althouse has directed her dishwater version of withering scorn in my direction a couple of times, including one unforgettable occasion where she really thought she was taking me to the woodshed (she addressed me half a dozen times in the same post as "bj" and yeah, quoted it just like that, each time), but forget that weak noise.

This is big time, baby:

G. Gordon Liddy once told me my writing makes him want to vomit, which is the greatest compliment I've ever been paid ever.

Can't touch that!

That's from Allison Kilkenny's T/S profile. Note to other winguts seeking emetics: she now blogs here.

(h/t: some gossip who is probably now mad at me ;))

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