Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama Cuts NASA!!!1! Surrenders To Russians!!!1!

The next time you hear yelling along the lines of this post's title, let's remember this moment:

House Panel’s NASA Spending Bill Cuts Back Obama Plan

An authorization bill put together by a House committee for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration would greatly scale back President Obama’s plans to spur a commercial market for the launching of people into space and would direct the agency to continue developing its own rocket.

The bill from the House Committee on Science and Technology would provide $750 million over five years for the so-called commercial crew initiative — investing in companies to develop a space taxi service for taking astronauts into orbit; that is far less than the $6 billion the Obama administration requested and less than the $1.3 billion over three years that a Senate committee approved in its version of the authorization bill last week. In addition, $500 million of the money in the House bill would be in the form of loans and loan guarantees rather than direct financing.

It remains to be seen what gets worked out between the House and the Senate, and Congress and the White House, of course. But I have the sad feeling this will turn out to have been something worth noting for the record.


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