Monday, July 26, 2010

Heads in the Sand

Paul Krugman's column in today's NYT, "Who Cooked the Planet?," bears a read, especially if you've only been paying limited amounts of attention to the debate -- or, more accurately, "debate" -- over steps required to mitigate anthropogenic global warming.

So does Lee Wasserman's op-ed, "Four Ways to Kill a Climate Bill."

And, believe it or not, even Ross Douthat has some useful things to say, in his column, "The Right and the Climate," at least in the beginning. He does undercut himself with his glib conclusion, though. I'll concede, at least arguendo, that the proposed cap-and-trade legislation extruded by the sausage-making machine this time around might not have been the best product possible. But "the wisdom of inaction," as Ross would have it, on this issue in particular, has got to be some kind of gold standard for oxymorons. Even ostriches know better, and you could look it up. And when you do, please tell Ross.

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