Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let Them Sell Cookies

I gotta stop looking at the front page of the NYT so early in the day.

Boy Scouts shooting guns, because why not?

Especially given their layout choices.

Boy Scouts shooting guns, because why not?  Next to a headline about Teh Mosque at Ground Zero!!!1!


[Added] On a somewhat related note, I'd love to hear what the gun nuts would have to say about this case: a convicted terrorist who served his time, and was rearrested for:

... violating the terms of his release by committing new offenses. The authorities say that in 2007 he possessed a handgun and that last year he asked people to buy him an AK-47 assault rifle.

I'm sure this guy ...

Wayne La Pierre of the NRA

... and his cronies would pontificate about criminals compared to ordinary citizens. I'm equally sure I could find a pantload of criminals who happened not to be named Abdel Ghani Meskini, about whom you'd find pious statements made by the NRA types concerning the good Christian man who had paid his debt to society and deserved not to be denied his Second Amendment rights.

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